Eric W. Harding

Eric W. Harding


I graduated from Hillsdale College with a degree in Finance and have spent over thirty years in the financial industry.   In my youth I also interned at the Foundation For Economic Education (FEE) where I developed my passion for free-markets and Austrian Economics.  My career began at Merrill Lynch and than spent the last fourteen years at Wells Fargo Advisors before starting my own Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) in 2016.  

Our goal at empiriKal partners is to put you first in all aspects of your financial needs emphasizing the process of personal freedom and goal setting, starting with your retirement plan: 401K and all its iterations.

I will optimally align companies with the best qualified platforms in regards to client needs, desires and cost. empiriKal partners strives to service our 401K clients on a regular basis to help ensure that your employees are well educated, resulting in high participation, savings rates and satisfaction levels.

empiriKal partners guarantees to reduce your Kost, Konfusion and Koncern.